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2013 - 2014 Governor

Ed Stevens
Team Mate Ruth

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Presentation of plaque, made by Ken Abrams (L), to
2013-2014 Optimist International President Ron Huxley

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Ron Huxley
2013 - 2014 Optimist International President.

My friends, one and all,

Every member is an Optimist because of a feeling they get when they affect the lives of young people. Whether it is at the club or the district or international level, each of us moves forward with one unified goal in mind; make our community and our world a better place for our children to live in.
How we portray our optimism varies for each of us. Some of us strive to be a part of the decision making process. While others are happy with witnessing the smiles on the faces of the young people we serve. It is important that every club and district of Optimist International recognizes that the involvement of our members must be filled with personal enjoyment. It must be entertaining and it must capture the underlining need of our members to feel that they make a difference.
In 2013 -2014 it is my wish that every club and district recognize that our children are served by active members. All members place their involvement in club and district meetings and activities on their social priority list. If we satisfy their desire for fun and enjoyment we move higher up on their personal list. We need to find out what makes our members happy and make it happen. The answer may be different for every club but the results will return big rewards in more working members and new leadership.
We can no longer lose members without a proactive plan to replace them first. For what ever reason, even the smallest of deletions has a major effect on the ability of this organization to continue to support its endeavors. Every club must understand the fact that we are all Optimist International. We are all a voice that makes a difference in our communities and our districts. It is time to raise that voice so that it echoes from club to club, village to village, city to city. Build Optimism to a stature that everyone wants to be apart of. That is my "MO" (My Optimism). Put a smile on a child and love in your heart. Only you can make the difference.

Yours in Optimism,

Ron Huxley 2013-2014 President Optimist International

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to see the London Free Press write up on
Governor Ron published September 25, 2013.

Click HERE to read the article on Governor Ron in the Fall 2013 edition of the Optimist magazine.

Hello Southwest Ontario Optimist Friends,

I am very excited and honored to serve as your Optimist International Vice President for the Northeast -Great Lakes Region. Both Kathi and I are looking forward to visiting your district and meeting as many of you as we can. I also look forwardto hearing about the successful projects and fundraisers you've had in your clubs as you continueto serve the youth and communities in your area.
As you attend your quarterly meetings I know that you will renew your commitment to Optimism and the youth you serve by being recharged by the energy of other Optimists and their enthusiasm for what we do. We must be open to new avenues to attract and retain new members and understand that sometimes that means being uncomfortable as we try new things.
One avenue to consider is that our communities are faced with the continual challenge each year of providing more opportunities to the youth in our schools than is funded by taxpayers. I can't think of a better fit than an Optimist Club with a local school system. There are also other avenues to reach youth and potential members that should be explored.
Your Governor, Ed Stevens, has spent a lot of time putting a dynamite team together and planning for a very successful year. He will need your help and commitment to achieve your District goals.
Our President, Ron Huxley, is asking all of us to make a difference in our communities and district by putting a smile on a child and love in your heart. Determine what is your "M O" (how you describe My Optimism to others) and then go out and spread the word. Ask those in your club to do the same. Together we can give the world a much needed shot of Optimism.

Harry J. Margo
2013-2014 Vice President
Northeast & Great Lakes Region
Optimist International

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